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VICE [2018]

Prefaced with text that Dick Cheney is an extremely secretive man, and that they did ‘their fucking best’, Vice provides an entertaining if not flawed look at the rise of Dick Cheney, presenting the all facts it can and adding fiction where needed. Appropriately… Continue Reading “VICE [2018]”


For a film that is a comedy, one usually wants to escape and laugh. That the three quarters full cinema was dead quiet except for one chuckle says a lot. Forced laughter is the name of the game here, but trying to laugh at… Continue Reading “HOLMES AND WATSON [2018]”


A powerful, dreamy film with a focus on domestic violence, even if not as severe as other examples, it powerfully demonstrates the effects that volatile parental relationships can have on young children, who in this film are almost being abused by proxy due to… Continue Reading “WE THE ANIMALS [2018]”


The opening scenes of The Old Man With the Gun set the tone as David Lowery manages to butcher the genuinely interesting true story of Forest Tucker. A man who escaped prison a measly sixteen times (according to him at least) and robbed countless… Continue Reading “THE OLD MAN AND THE GUN [2018]”


One of Gerard Butler’s better performances is not wasted in an action flick that ticks… some of the the right boxes, and has much more going for it than its generic sounding title may suggest. There is no romantic bullshit to annoy and a… Continue Reading “HUNTER KILLER [2018]”

BOY, ERASED [2018]

The opening moments of this film instantly grab the viewer. In one of the first scenes, narrating, protagonist Jared (a locked away Lucas Hedges) says, to paraphrase: “I wish to god this had never happened. But at the same time, I’m glad that it… Continue Reading “BOY, ERASED [2018]”

VENOM [2018]

Venom is an anomaly in the Marvel universe, comparable perhaps to Deadpool, though there is no meta/fourth wall breaking crap here. Like Deadpool, the kill-count is high, but Venom is very different in how it executes its violence, often in ways that would make T-1000… Continue Reading “VENOM [2018]”


Island of Hungry Ghosts is a documentary unlike many others. It is incredibly cinematic, with obvious care and precision apparent behind the camera, while the music that surrounds it is also very atmospheric. Island begins with an interesting contrast: after a brief, arresting introduction… Continue Reading “ADLFF ’18: ISLAND OF THE HUNGRY GHOSTS [2018]”

ADLFF ’18: FUNAN [2018]

There are countless films that depict horrid acts against entire countries and populations. However, there is not a large amount of such films that are animated. Depending on the style of animation, the atmosphere of the catastrophe can be controlled with a pencil. In… Continue Reading “ADLFF ’18: FUNAN [2018]”


A bizarre film that is both hilarious and sad with many strange and surreal scenes, Diamantino is determined, maybe too determined, to be as ludicrous as possible. Somehow though, within the bizarre nature of the plot, lies an unexpected emotional core, with a pinch… Continue Reading “ADLFF ’18: DIAMANTINO [2018]”


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