A Quiet Place features an interesting concept that is executed in an below average fashion. Far below, like falling down a well. I like quiet movies, but this is taking the idea a little too far and results in an almost awkward feeling in cinemas. I did however watch this again while alone, but was similarly underwhelmed. I do not feel that the simple use of no sound is enough to create tension, and along with a sparing soundtrack that features some awful sentimental moments, we hear almost nothing for the first half of the film. Its quiet, which somehow equals horror. Or creepy. Or whatever the hell everyone seems to see in this sparkling piece of trash. Speaking of the first half of the film though, this first act of the film is slow.

Very slow. To the point you say to your friend “dude it has been 45 minutes. Nothing has fucking happened!”

Once things somewhat pick up in pace, two extremely predictable moments occur which finally lead us experience what the entities that prey on sound are like. To the film’s credit, the insect like noises combined with mammalian sounds sounded genuinely creepy. For about ten minutes. But far too soon we see the creature in its entirety, and unsurprisingly, it is a extremely generic CGI creation showing no creativity whatsoever, and showing it in full so soon removes any uncertainty about these creatures for the rest of the film.

I’m feeling really tense here.

The incredibly shallow characters do not help matters, and with the amount of overdone sentimental moments between these characters we know nothing about, it truly feels like a family movie with a slightly tense Sixth Sense vibe to it, with the depth of a inflatable pool.

As for the shallow characters, we learn almost nothing about John Krasinski’s character. He is fantastic in in terms of his acting, as is everyone involved, but we simply don’t get to know him, or the rest of his family. He is a devoted father who has been smart enough to help his family survive in this environment for such a long time. His set up of cameras and radios is not explored enough as it was the only unique feature he possessed. We don’t know much else. He is a father trying to save his family. That is about it.


Emily Blunt’s character is a pregnant wife. Anything else about her? Nope. Their daughter is deaf, which is again an interesting idea given the overall plot, but apart from one scene, this idea is never explored. Again.

Speaking of ideas not explored, that the family lost a son and therefore got pregnant despite the obvious fact delivering the baby will make noise, is yet again barely expanded upon, which is very strange as it could have been very interesting given this is essentially a family movie. This leads me to believe that the idea of her being pregnant only exists as a tool to try and create suspense.We certainly know nothing else about her.

Want suspense? Watch Annihilation and tell me that the scene with the mutated bear did not have your fists balled up tight. That is tension. Here, the tension is sporadic and random, mostly experienced in the first half of the film before we see the creature in all its idiocy.

It is often obvious when a scene involving a creature is coming, and as mentioned, none of it is remotely scary, not helped by the awfully (visually) designed creatures, nor the amazingly shallow characters who we are given few, if any, reasons at all to care about. Take this all and give it an ending that is beyond frustrating and gives the word ambiguous a bad taste, and we have an overrated as all hell film. The high scores honestly mean nothing to me, if I was the sort of person to walk out on movies, I’d have done so as the last act has nothing to offer, and this is obvious easily thirty minutes before the end.

A good effort, a good idea, and great acting. But the overall ideas are beyond poorly realised, especially given their potential. A Quiet Mess indeed; this will be one of the most overrated films of 2018.

Two beers out of a sixer.

21 Comments on “A QUIET PLACE [2018]

  1. THANK YOU! And yes to that whole pregnant plot only being there to provide ‘cool’ horror scenes. I am publishing my review on Monday and it basically revolves around how much stuff here was serving the ‘scary’ moments instead of serving the story and developing characters

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    • HA! We think alike so often sati! Look forward to reading your take on it, as always!! Yes to exactly that you said. The pregnancy meant NOTHING regarding character. It was just a prop.


    • glad you enjoyed it peggy! I guess I’m becoming more of a critical snob, who knows. Most seem to like this. I really thought that the creature was shown too early and looked pretty crap. There was definitely an element of tension over the entire film though.

      AGREED on Millicent Simmonds. I forgot to mention that. She was excellent. I just wish the element of her being deaf in a world whgere you can’t make noise wasn’t explored more, much like the aspect of getting pregnant in such a world. I dunno, of course this is jmust me. Most people seem to like it *shrugs

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      • hahahaha we are all critical snobs in a sense..but also a good way!!! 😉 Yeah it does have it’s share of plot holes to nit pick at – and I did even during the film having a bit of a laugh at it – but again, I’ve seen way worse and overall to finally have a film that was a bit on the actual thriller/tension/scare side vs. like Get Out – which really had none but for some reason people thought it was a horror pic.. I didn’t get it. I love reading everyone’s opinions… 🙂

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      • hehehe I spose we are snobs a bit 😛

        I loved Get Out hehe but it was more of a thriller for me, and I loved the black characters. I didn’t laugh but was just smiling… as in, WTF!!

        I have seen way worse too. I just walked out not liking any of it. And I wasn’t aware of the high praise beforehand after, it wasn’t like I had expectations.

        I love reading everyone’s opinions too. Ours seem to differ a lot, which is cool! I need to visit your site more often, sorry I haven’t been recently, I’ve been a bit unwell. But I think I’m feeling better now and having finished my novel – the first draft at least – I can now focus on movies again =)

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  2. I haven’t seen this but I heard the other day that supposedly at one point John Krasinski was going to rework this as a Cloverfield movie. Not quite sure how that would have turned out…

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  3. Great post 🙂 Interesting contrary view of a currently popular movie. Being disappointed can be a really huge let down huh. I love it that you mention Annihilation in your review (a film you loved) and how you compliment it as to wash the sour taste of this one out of your mouth 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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    • Thanks mate! It wasn’t disappointed as such, I just walked out thinking it was a pile of shit. I wasn’t even aware of the high praise going in either. I just didn’t like much of it at all


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