Blogathon ’18: Mt. Rushmore of Movies


The awesome and perpetually funny m.brown is hosting a yearly blogathon, and I think its time I took part!! Its simple and fun – exactly what a blogathon should be!

The ‘rules’:

“To participate, simply choose the top four of anything cinematic and explain why they should be carved into the side of a mountain forever. Remember, these are real people carved into imaginary rock – so choose wisely!.”

To participate, simply choose the top four of anything cinematic and explain why they should be carved into the side of a mountain forever. Remember, these are real people carved into imaginary rock – so choose wisely! 

1. I’d like to have all posts done by Friday, March 2nd (where I’ll create a master list, linking back to all of your, er, both of your sites), but it’s cool if you finish way before that. Or later. I honestly don’t mind.  

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5. Be awesome. And if you’re here, already know that you are anyway.

My Mt. Rushmore isn’t particularly memorable if I am honest. But damnit I love these characters and they make the movies that they star in, with all other characters lost in the background.

So, this is my Mt. Rushmore: My favourite four lead female characters who are delusional, crazy, bonkers, and dangerous. I wish there were more characters like these.

Repulsion – Carol (Catherine Deneuve)


I am cheating here as I already wrote about this performance a while back, but Catherine Deneuve steals the show as a shy, isolated female who’s sanity begins to crack as she begins to have rape fantasies/dreams. The second half of this film is extremely confronting but is Polanski’s best work in my opinion.

A film that must be seen.

The Babadook – Amelia (Essie Davis)


Essie Davis makes this movie, especially that bonkers final act. The fact that she seems to somewhat hate her son makes her further unsettling. The Babadook may be the titular character, but Essie’s Amelia is easily the scariest character of the film. The ending also forces you to wonder about her sanity.

The Neon Demon – Sarah (Abbey Lee)


Okay, this isn’t a lead character, but it is certainly not a small role. The film is filled with insane female characters – this is the modelling industry – but one rises above the rest. With some of the most memorable lines and scenes of last year, Abbey Lee’ Sarah is easily the nastiest witch of the coven that is created, seemingly devoid of any emotion.

“I ate her”

Misery (1990) – Annie (Kathy Bates)


This is one of the better King adaptations, and Kathy Bates steals the show, gradually morphing from a seemingly nice, friendly nurse, to a somewhat eccentric fan of the writer she is caring for, to a complete and utter lunatic. The transformation is fantastic.

I’m late to the party but take part if you want to have a laugh. Go check out twodollarcinema for m.brown’s ‘s entry, and keep an eye out for everyone else’s Mt. Rushmore of Cinema!

Thank you to the one or two people that read this. =D

Honorable mentions: Mai Farrow’s Rosemary in Polanski’s Rosemary‘s Baby, Susannah York’s Cathryn in Robert Altman’s Images, Liv Ullmann’s Elisabet Volger in Bergman’s Persona, Natalie Portman’s Nina in Aronovsky’s Black Swan…………………