Thanks again to anyone who reads this stuff and a special thanks to those who leave comments. As always, it is much appreciated people. You are all awesome! =)

Time for some LINKS!

Stu wrote about Dr. Strangelove, a film that I couldn’t tell you how many times I have seen. I think he makes some pretty good points! He has also reviewed an Italian movie called Suburra that I’m now dying to watch.

Vinnie’s review of the cult hit Possession was so well done it convinced me to go buy a copy on ebay! Hey, what can I say, I like Sam Neill. Go Australia!

Abbi’s little O is three weeks old, or probably four now, but they have decided to move house!

Ruth wrote a great piece on “The Secret Life of Pets”, a film that I don’t think will be coming here. A pity as I love animals. Perhaps I should go finally watch Zootopia…

Mark wrote about the De Niro flick Night and the City, a great post that reminded me how few films of De Niro I have seen. It is truly shocking.

Zoë has written a great post about the second Purge film, which I hadn’t heard of at all until recently. This post has really got me wanting to watch the first two back to back!

…And last but certainly not least, EmmaK posted her top ten cover songs, and some of them are really good! I hadn’t heard any on her list beforehand, so I found some cool new tunes

Long live the blogosphere! Keep up the good work folks!