Experimenting is fun. Whether it is music or writing or mucking around in photoshop, when simply experimenting and exploring the instrument, you end up teaching yourself. And what you end up with is your own style. This is almost always the best way to approach art. I have never covered a song, I pick up my sticks or my bass or keyboard and just mess around until I find what I hear in my head, or something I like. My drum-playing isn’t technically correct, I’ve never had lessons, BUT, I’d much rather be an interesting drummer than a boring one.
The same applies to writing. I write and write, and write some more, experimenting and trying new things.
Experimentation and self-exploration can set us free. Without these important aspects of art, we wouldn’t have much to admire.
Why Am I babbling? I’m not sure, I guess it is because I messed with these photos in photoshop for hours to turn them into something very different from the original photo. One I hope to use as a demo cover, but we’ll see. But these pics are a perfect example of experimenting, going wild and watching what happens, even if I have no clue about photoshop. Fun call still be had, the boundaries are limitless.
Feedback is appreciated is appreciated as always.
OH, and see if you can guess what the top picture was originally! 🙂

 demo cover mnaybe

I am thinking of using this as a demo cover. Not much room for the band logo though


Always watching….

demo cover mnaybe2

Perhaps a little too much time tinkering in photoshop this time around…


…. But it isn’t wasted time. This one is my favourite so far








    • yeah I really liked it too. It was originally black and white but I made the background orange to kinda give a sense of the sun collapsing… or something 😛

      thanks for the kind words


    • Close 😛 It was a tree, taken from a position so the camera was looking up at the trees branches, if that makes sense.

      Thanks for the kind words sir! 🙂


      • Oh yeah, I actually took a second look at it yesterday and thought it might be a tree but I had already posted my guess. I guess you shouldn’t always go with your first guess after all. 🙂


  1. Love, love, love this! You have an eye for photography 🙂

    The bird is my favourite. My guess for the top one is leaves floating down a stream?

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    • Close! It was a tree, but the camera was looking up the tree ,if that makes sense, so it was mainly branches and stuff. Then I went to town on it in photoshop 🙂

      The bird I also heavily edited in photoshop, the original was bland and colourless, so I upped the contrast and made the sky the red colour it is, like a sky filled with fire.

      Thanks again for the kind words Em, you rock 🙂

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      • You rock 🙂

        Ah I see! Well I could definitely see the leafy pattern and I wasn’t too far off 🙂 the bird picture is so effective (well they all are!) and fascinating to know how you did it 🙂 I really should learn more about photoshop!!!


      • Photoshop is a ton of fun, I just experiment until I find something that I like. There is so much different stuff you can do, its great

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      • Do you know how to use it or do you just muddle through? I’m always put off doing things if I don’t know how to use it properly but maybe I should just have a bit of fun with it!

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      • I have no idea what I’m doing, I just try different stuff until it looks good. Its the same with instruments, I just like experimenting, I don’t like getting lessons. Though my drumming technique is pretty bad, but other than that I think my real drumming style is there cos I wasn’t taught by anyone, its all been me experimenting with different beats and whatnot

        Oh! And my parent bought me a djembe for my bday! Its like a hippy drum, you know the ones, sorta like a bongo drum but way bigger. Padda pow padda pow! Now I finally have a way to write songs myself! I’m gonna record myself playing the djembe, then save that as a music file, then I’ll play that file thru my headphones and record my drumming to what I’m hearing thru the headphones. I just thought of it, I can’t wait to get started 😀

        Sorry for the rant! Heh I’m a bit stoned out 🙂 I’m just excited to start my -own- music, just me, no one else. I can’t wait till tomorrow


  2. I’m thinking the mystery picture could be a tree. Looks like branches and foliage gone wild but behind looks like graffiti on bitchumin sooooooooo I read through the other comments and you confirmed it was a tree so I’m guessing it’s a tree. But I really don’t know so if I’m right – I’m incredibly smart and perceptive and also attractive and modest, very, very modest. True story.


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