I knew I’d forget to keep this up. Damned memory! Always fooling me… but, here we are again!

Shout outs to anyone who reads and comments on my blog. It is always much appreciated. I love the community within the blogosphere, I feel like I have met people I could catch up with in person, nothing awkward at all. Hence these posts, which I hope to keep up.

This post is dedicated to abbi o, who is chronicling her pregnancy much like I chronicled my time spent in rehab. Well, not really, they just share the word chronicle, ha! She also offers up some great recipes that I am determined to try, despite a total lack of cooking skills.

Speaking of food, this post is also dedicated to The Lobster, a flick that somehow was released here last year, but has only recently made its way overseas. This has been interesting as I’ve been reading everyone’s different reactions to this surreal, bizarre film; a description that is a vast understatement.


Firstly, abbi’s most recent post about her pregnancy, which I find fascinating to read, as a male who’ll almost certainly never reproduce:


Next, a sumptuous looking dish that I am determined to at least try and cook:



Now, The Lobster. I’m sure I have missed a few reviews of it that I have read, but here is a selection of great posts that eclipse my post about the film in every way, causing me to think differently about the film, seeing new perspectives on what I originally saw.

'The Lobster'

Firstly, Vern’s thoughts

Next are MovieManJacko’s musings

The one and only Ruth of flixchatter

One of my best mates in our community, this is what Tom had to say

And finally, here is my man Khalid’s conclusion

Enjoy the rest of the week friends!






















    • Hehe he is my best friend. I can walk him off leash and he won’t chase people, he’ll just sniff them and wag his tail. Everybody I bump into always say how good he looks, haha I wish they said the same about me! 😛

      ANd yeah, I love abbi’s blog too!

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  1. Thanks very kindly for the shout out dude. I love these posts, way to spread the love maN! And I agree, there have been so many people I’ve met here that I feel I could sit down with in real life and just pick up where we left off online or whatever. This community is so cool.

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    • Hell yeah man, that’s why I like these sorta posts. Its a great community, when I first started my blog I never thought about anyone else ever reading it! and now I’ve met so many cool people… its awesome!

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  2. Nice post Jordan. Saw The Lobster a couple of weeks ago when it hit the US, and I’m still processing my thoughts on the movie. I loved the first half but the second hour didn’t quite live up to the previous 60 minutes. Still writing up my review and I’m hoping to have it out next week.

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    • oh sweet I look forward to that. The second half seems to be the common denominator when it comes to problems with this film. It was certainly different from the first half but I loved it all the same 🙂

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      • Yeah, it’s a difficult film to digest for sure. I’m unsure what Lanthimos was going for with the ending, but I have to give him credit for making such an intricate and clever satire.

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    • Hehe I feel ya, so many new films to check out! And yeah that does look good doesn’t it! I hope to get somewhere close to that, it looks like cooking perfection! 😀


    • Cool 🙂 You’re going thru a special time in your life, yet you still manage to tell us about it while also giving us great cooking tips! How could I not share your awesomeness? 🙂

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