What’s been happening in the last week among our beloved community?

Chckerd has posted a review of Knight of Cups that seems to be one of the few that align with my liking of the film.

Dell has posted a fitting tribute to Malik Taylor aka Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest, one of the first hip-hop groups I was exposed to.

Vinnieh posted a review of Blue Jasmine that has decided the first Woody Allen film I will watch. Yep, I haven’t seen a single one!

Khalid wrote a great review about The Lobster, my favourite film of 2015

And lastly MovieManJackon wrote one of the more reasonable reviews of the latest superhero flick to hit the screens. I won’t be seeing it myself, and this was the fairest review I’ve read so far.

Cheers everbody, I hope you enjoyed your week!