Special thanks to my blogging brother Vinnie for nominating me, cheers mate!


3 facts about myself that my fellow bloggers may not know:

  1. (This is stolen somewhat from Emma’s post.) My eye-sight is so bad I refer to my glasses as HD-goggles. Not sure how I spent 27 years without glasses if I’m honest, movies are a blur without them.
  2. I am nearly five years clean after using painkillers every day for a long time, and I’m damned proud of that fact.
  3. I am so tight I shave my head so I don’t have to worry about paying a hairdresser. I never really have a hairstyle.

My First Ever Post :

About 16 months ago I started this small site with a review of Polanski’s Venus In Fur which I copied and pasted from a review I wrote on IMDb.Β  Β 

My Favourite 3 Blog Posts :

  • A recent post I made for a blogathon hosted by Dell was about the film Repulsion, specifically the unique lead character played by a young Catherine Deneuve.
  • Writing my post for Mad Max: Fury Road was a ton of fun as I was still giddy from how amazing the film was. It was also fun taunting Eric in the comments section, who hadn’t seen it yet
  • My review of Starry Eyes was also a ton of fun to write, as I threw caution to the wind and wrote it in a ranting style that is different for me. It is one of my favourite pieces of writing I have ever done, in god knows how many years of writing.

My 3 Favourite Posts from Other Bloggers :

It is so hard to choose only three posts, but I’ll try to pick a couple of recent posts that influenced me in some way…

  • Cindy’s post about the femme fatale in film really got me thinking and influenced my post on Repulsion.
  • Ruth’s review of Brooklyn was the reason I went and saw that film, as romantic stuff is normally not my cup of tea. Thanks Ruth for opening my mind! πŸ™‚

Books and Films I’m Ashamed to Say I haven’t Read or Seen:

  1. Seven Samurai
  2. Citizen Kane
  3. The entire original Star Wars trilogy
  4. Boogie Nights
  5. The Rocky films, apart from the first one

And now for some Christmas Questions :

  1. What film are you looking forward to watching over the Christmas Period? Funnily enough, the new Star Wars flick. Christmas has never really meant much to me so it doesn’t really feel like a holiday or something to be celebrated.
  2. What is top of your Christmas list? A set of rear speakers to complete my home theatre set-up. More of a present for myself really.
  3. Favourite Christmas Song? Not really a Christmas song but I pick “Dreidel dreidel dreidel” from SouthPark
  4. Favourite present you ever got? My first drum-kit from my Dad
  5. Weirdest Christmas present you received from someone? Can’t really remember the last time I got presents for Christmas from anyone other than family. Wow, my answers were super interesting!

Thanks again to Vinnie and of course to anyone who reads my site and/or comments. I’ve met so many cool people since I started this and I hope to meet many more in the future. As for nominations, I’ll try to name some blogs that I haven’t previously named….








That’s it for now, here is Brutus to say goodbye: