Directed by Ridley Scott, Written by Drew Goddard (screenplay), Andy Weir (book)

Starring: Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Daniels, Michael Peña, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Donald Glover

The premise of the film is pretty simple and there is no need to rehash it. Matt Damon is stuck on Mars. Of course, he has to be rescued, because he is Matt Damon. I went into this expecting… more? With people touting this as a return to form, I was expecting something creative and… well let’s be honest, I was expecting a better film than what i saw. This felt like a slog to sit through.

“I think there is maybe 2 moments in the movie where he encounters any real setback but it felt like there was never any real danger or that he wouldn’t make it and survive”

A friend said this and honestly it was one of the first problems I had with this film. There is never any doubt at all regarding the ending. Even during the few times Damon experiences trouble, how can there be tension when you know how it will all end?? It is obvious to the blindest of bats! And good God, the humour attempted throughout easily involved some of the worst ‘jokes’ I have ever had the misfortune of hearing. Even a packed cinema didn’t utter a giggle at what was obviously intended to be your typical Hollywood, inoffensive humour designed to please as many people as possible. This light-hearted nature that the film possesses is in direct contrast to what is transpiring on screen, which makes it difficult to immerse oneself into the movie. When tragedy strikes and the stranded survivor is constantly cracking wise, it is hard to feel for him and the situation he is in.

The Martian sure is photographed well, with some incredible looks across the landscapes of Mars, but this doesn’t make up for a story that features Matt Damon making video-diaries. Constantly. These scenes do everything in their power to shatter the fourth wall. And of course during these videos he is still trying to be funny, with the script offering up some corkers for Damon to say such as, “Mars will come to fear my Botany powers!” Or how about,”I’m going to have to science the shit out of this!!

Really? Are these quotes from the book? Or did a juvenile write this script while huffing glue? Either way, both these outbursts had my face firmly in my palm.

Any prevailing themes such as the will of one man, the trust and teamwork required to pull off such a daring rescue… these motifs are all buried underneath Damon’s video diaries, his botany, and the god-awful script that he is paired with, among many other factors such as the dominance of Damon on screen and the fact he has such an easy, relaxed demenour despite being stranded on another planet.

We don’t get much time at all to meet his rescue crew properly, so this is essentially a one character movie. A character who is on a deserted planet… while barely breaking a sweat. And of course he stays sane for the entire time he is left alone, with little to no character development to speak of. You’d think being stuck on Mars would change a person. I can’t help but think that if they had more accurately portrayed how a man might cope when having to survive alone for so long, including the inevitable mental anguish that he and his crew-mates must have felt, this may have made for a much more interesting flick. Instead, this movie is decidedly one-note, with other characters serving as necessary plot pieces, while Damon’s attitude barely changes for the duration.

Now perhaps that was the point, to present a character who laughs in the face of danger and therefore isn’t affected by his situation. However this characteristic isn’t visible within Damon’s character; he simply remains the same person he was at the beginning. I appreciate the change of tone – it is certainly something different to have a character in this situation acting so nonchalant about the dangers he faces. But to me it feels like a gimmick, a much more penetrating and real film could have been made if Damon’s character wasn’t so… upbeat.

The rescue crew do a good job in the acting department, but as I said, none of their characters are firmly established on a human level. I don’t recall any personalities standing out. We know their intended function and that is about it. The same applies to the crew back on Earth. Each of their characters is almost instantaneously forgettable, except perhaps for Chiwetel Ejiofor’s character; his superior acting abilities shone through his two-dimensional character as he stole every scene he was a part of.

Overall, this is a Matt Damon movie, ’nuff said.  If you like Matt Damon then congrats, you are luckier than me, as you will most probably get more out of this film than I did. This may be ‘popcorn cinema’, but I can’t enjoy a film if all realism is put on hold for the duration; especially when it involves space travel. Yes, I understand that this is only a movie, but if imagining a similar scenario were to really happen, the events of this movie seem almost silly. Who knew that duct tape could be so useful on Mars?three beer

I hear many people saying that this is Ridley Scott and Damon’s best film for a long time… which really isn’t saying much. While this is probably true, I am already beginning to forget parts of this 141 minute long film, I found it that underwhelming. No disrespect to any other bloggers out there, I seem to be against the grain on this one. It left the opposite of a lasting impression.

Half a six-pack



32 Comments on “THE MARTIAN [2015]

  1. Jordan, great review! I haven’t seen it–don’t know why I’m waiting–but I appreciate diverse perspectives and yours is a fresh alternative to the ravings. I find Matt to be wooden with only a few fine performances during his career.

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    • Yeah I’ve never been the biggest fan of Damon if I’m honest. He isn’t bad by any stretch but he isn’t great either. The only movies I like with him in it are…. Saving Private Ryan and Rounders with Ed Norton. Can’t think of any others


  2. Y’know, I’m not the biggest Matt Damon fan and so I was utterly blase when I first heard of this project. But I find the movie to be utterly enjoyable and the humor works for me. But humor is a personal thing, what some ppl funny, others might not think so at all. That seems to be the case here. But as far as this “…it felt like there was never any real danger or that he wouldn’t make it and survive” hmmm, I thought that the sense of danger was VERY real, it was handled quite well I think in that the humor doesn’t lessen the dire predicament the protagonist find himself in. In any case, we can’t always agree on everything, so not a problem that you don’t enjoy this one Jordan, as I said, I don’t always enjoy all the popular picks either.

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    • Yeah, no doubt humour is a personal thing. I dunno, I just felt like I knew what was going to happen in the end so when he was in trouble… well I knew he was gonna pull thru, y’know? Apparently the book is very tense and constantly has you asking if he will indeed make it. That’s what I’ve heard though. I need to read it!

      Nevertheless I respect your views of course, can’t agree on everything! 🙂


  3. Half a six pack! Haha!
    Yours is the second damning review I’ve read. I tend to think the hype has had a polarizing effect on its reception. I’m also surprised that Matt Damon irritates people a lot. I don’t mind him; he’s not a favourite of mine but I quite like him.
    I shall wait a long time before I watch this. Until the hype is less active n my head. It was many years before I ever saw Star Wars.

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    • Regardless of the hype I was intending to go see this anyway. When I did I came out thinking ‘what is all the fuss about??’ But it obviously struck a chord with some folk!


    • Thanks for reading mate 🙂

      Yes I agree, it’ll be interesting to see how this stacks up at the end of the year. None of it feels Oscar worthy to me but I seem to be in the minority on that one!

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  4. Hmmm! An honest review? I’ve heard nothing but people blow smoke up this film’s arse, man! It’s good to read something that takes it down a peg or two. Thanks for this mate. This is exactly what I needed to hear. I shall have reservations going into it now. Hopefully, that works in my favour.

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    • Hehe, yeah I don’t pull any punches. I make no attempt to be objective haha. But seriously I hope you do enjoy it mate, I seem to be on my own in disliking this one.

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      • Good on you, man. I appreciate honest views like this. Sometimes we are saturated with positivity that it can raise expectations far too high.

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      • indeed. I tend not to read too many reviews on the same film so I had no real expectations… but what i consider a good film… it wasn’t there. That’s just me though

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  5. While it sounds like a movie I’d enjoy, I liked hearing a different take on it other than the constant praise that it has been showered with. Completely agree with Mark.


  6. We agree on this. I wrote a review and did a podcast where I outlined a lot of the issues I have with it, even though it’s a fun movie.


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  8. You’re so right. People saying this is the best Ridley Scott movie in years isn’t saying much I still haven’t caught up with this one yet but I’ll probably check it out this week before Bond arrives.

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