Directed by Alan Taylor, Written by Laeta Kalogridis, Patrick Lussier

Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Clarke, Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, J.K. Simmons

I just saw this with my father, cos I thought, hey, why the hell not? I remember back when I was a youngin’, Terminator 2 was the first movie my dad ever showed me. I couldn’t have been more than ten years old, but my Dad sat me down and explained how all the time-traveling worked as we watched it. I’ll never forget that, so this was the perfect movie for us to see together, and on my birthday no less! πŸ™‚

I was not disappointed.Terminator+Genisys

As soon as it started I was rubbing my hands together, and while it didn’t carry through as consistently as, say, Fury Road, it certainly held my attention for its duration, and keep in mind, I generally don’t like CGI-filled blockbusters. These sorta movies just aren’t my thang. But this one had me hooked and it didn’t lose me for a second.

This one has received mixed reviews, and from what I have read the main problems people had were the multiple time lines, and the convoluted plot as a result. I think I also read some people taking issue with the script, which I agree with. The script is the film’s biggest weakness by far. However, I don’t think it spoiled the film. After all, it is an action movie; I wasn’t there for the dialogue! I was there for the action as well as the time traveling fun, and for the most part, it delivered. The action wasn’t on par with Terminator 2, but comparing this to T2 isn’t really fair. It is its own movie with its own style. The fight sequences were a lot of fun, and memorable too.

Both my father and I love time-travel films that make your head spin, and this film delivers in that department. We love trying to figure out movies that involve time travel (The Infinite Man, Predestination, Time Lapse, the list seems endless, even when talking of recent films!) and we both enjoyed that aspect of this flick thoroughly. I loved the inclusion of multiple timelines, and especially the odd quirk that had Kyle Reece (Jai Courtney) inheriting the memories of another person. I thought that was a excellent addition.

Additionally – and something that is somewhat scary – the theme of the Terminator movies is more apt and relevant than it was 20 years ago. At one point a character says how everything he does is now connected, and this isn’t far from today’s society considering the increasing prevalence of social media. With folks’ heads constantly buried in their tablets or smart-phones, a concept like Skynet or Genisys resonates more in today’s society than it ever has in the past. Our reliance on technology will be our downfall, however it happens, I’m sure of it!


Another positive aspect of this film is the creation of a Terminator that somehow outdoes the T-1000. It was incredibly cool to see our liquid-metal friend at the beginning of the film, but this film’s villain somehow manages to up the ante; a hybrid of human and machine, made of tiny fragments of magnetic material that allows him to shape-shift, creating some truly memorable scenes. The fact that he was half human-half machine really added depth to his character, as his ability to mimic was heightened. The recreation of a few scenes from the first two films was also well realised, and a welcome bonus for fans of the franchise.

This movie is certainly not without its faults though. Emilia Clarke is a fantastic actress and did the best she could given the material she was working with. However, she is certainly no Linda Hamilton – though if I am honest, I can’t think of a current actress who could have filled her shoes. Unfortunately for such a tough character, Emilia too often looks doe-eyed and doesn’t have anything close to the toughness that Hamilton portrayed. Jai Courtney was also poorly cast, as much as I hate to say that being an Aussie! But his very first conversation with John Conner is as bland as my wallpaper, and it didn’t get much better. It seemed he was there for his physique and nothing more. However, Arnie has not lost his effect within this franchise, and while the script is weak, he was a welcome addition. He has not lost any of his powerful screen presence.


Not a perfect movie by any means, but I had a lot of fun watching it. My father actually preferred it to Fury Road! He is a little crazy though.

2 beers short of a six-pack.


38 Comments on “TERMINATOR: GENISYS [2015]

  1. Woo! Glad you enjoyed this Jordy, sounds like you have a cool relationship with your father πŸ™‚

    Really positive review, sounds pretty cool! I’ll watch this on DVD at some point.

    And er, when was it your birthday?! Today? Yesterday?! Happy Birthday my friend!!!!!!

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    • It was my birthday on the 27th πŸ™‚ I never make a big deal about it, this is the first time we have done ANYTHING for my birthday in quite a while. And yeah, my Dad is the best, I’m very lucky.

      About the movie, its far from perfect but I had a lotta fun with it.

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      • Well happy belated birthday Jordy! The older we get the less exciting they are huh? Haha πŸ™‚ I’m glad you had a great day with your dad! πŸ™‚

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      • Eh its up and down, as usual, as to be expected really hehe, bi-polar and all. But today was a good day, saw my doc, who is supremely awesome. I tend to alternate good days and bad days.

        How has your week been? And are you watching the Ashes??

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      • No but my dad is! He loves the cricket. I’m not so keen….! But I still like Shane Warne jokes πŸ˜€

        Oh sorry to hear that Jordan, but I know you must be used to it (that wasn’t meant in an insensitive way) and you’re a real trooper my friend. And I’m so glad you’re having a good day today and an awesome doctor – that must actually help a lot!!

        I’m going through my comments and replying to some I missed before. I was so glad to read about that Youth Work, it sounds awesome!!!!!!!!!! You’re awesome!!!!!!

        My week is okay, same shit different day lol πŸ™‚


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      • MmmmmmK! Hehehe

        Thanks for the kind words, yeah I really look forward to working with younger people who are having issues. I know I can relate to them and I know I am an empathic person, hell I counsel half my friends!!

        Yeah having a great doctor has been such a blessing. He is actually a professor, he lectures in other countries sometimes. Best doc in my state

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      • Mmmmmmmmmmmmm’kay!

        Wow that’s incredible, how marvellous having a doctor that good (a professor!!) I’m glad for you.

        I know it sounds silly but I can tell you’re a really kind and empathic person, you’ll be perfect at the youth work. We need more caring people like you showing others some kindness and relating to them too.

        You’ll be brilliant πŸ™‚


      • Thanks Em πŸ™‚ I hope I can be as good as working with youngins as I think I can be. How I see it, I’ve had my fair share of shit to deal with as a youngster (undiagnosed epilepsy plus bi-polar!!) plus I have lived with an essentially counseled quite a few young guys who had been homeless and had been abused badly.

        I think lived experience is infinitely more important than a fucking certificate

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      • Sooooo true Jordan. I actually started a qualification last year to become a counsellor (I’ve temporarily stopped lol) Like you I like to think of myself as a pretty empathic person and I’ve had my own problems in life. The BIGGEST thing they state when learning to be a counsellor is LIFE EXPERIENCE! That’s the fucking key!!!!!!!!!!

        Just from chatting online with you I know you’re a lovely guy with a great heart and head on your shoulders. I think anyone under your guidance would be a very lucky person indeed πŸ™‚

        Kindness! That is also key πŸ™‚

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      • Indeed. Agree with everything you say. I hope you finish your qualification!

        And thanks again for the kind words MmmKay, it means a lot

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      • Maybe one day! I still don’t think I’m in the totally correct position of life yet! If that even makes sense!! I’m still too crazy myself lol.

        Oh and I didn’t mean it like “oh I’m getting a qualification” like in a big headed way, AT ALL!!!! I was just sharing, I hope it didn’t come across like that!!! I’m so bored in my day job a lot of the time and of course I’d love a job that meant more! That’s all!!!! πŸ™‚

        You rock!!!!!



  2. Great review, Glad you had more fun with this than me and even though I didn’t hate it there were some elements that just didn’t work. And one thing that angered me was the trailers spoiling the movie’s biggest twist.

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      • I also like it when movies sneak up on me. I’ll look at the cinema website and think ohh shiiit!!! Cos I didn’t even know the movie was coming. Ignorance is bliss πŸ˜‰

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      • It is! At least regarding trailers, it has always worked for me. I’m the same with video games, I don’t look at gaming news sites so when a game comes out its a sudden and nice surprise!

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      • Yeah I saw the trailer for that before a movie at the cinemas and it just looks like more of the same regarding superhero movies. I’ll never understand the appeal of them – though that said, of the few I have seen I did enjoy Captain America: Winter Solider. That’s the only one I have enjoyed, though I have seen about four superhero flicks total. Maybe five.

        Funny thing is I -despised- GOTG which everyone seemed to love, so I dunno! I guess my taste is just erratic

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      • Well I guess I am a fan more of Batman and Spider-Man than anything else but I do see almost all of them.
        Really? GOTG is the only Marvel movie I really love. The Avengers are good and everything but GOTG is the first Marvel movie I really loved watching.

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  3. I might rent this Jordan, but I just didn’t have much expectations about this. Well for one it’s got Jai Courtney, ugh! Why the heck they keep casting him, there are so many other better Aussie actors, surely.

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    • Indeed, I don’t understand why he keeps getting cast either. We have a lot better unknowns to offer. Like Joel Edgerton, who is starring in Black Mass I think it is, the new Depp movie.


  4. Haha I like the rating at the end of this one. 4/6 beers ain’t too bad at all! πŸ˜‰

    I really had a nice time with Genisys. Could the narrative been a little less ridiculous? Yes. Could the dialogue have been more inspired? Absolutely. Could the roles of Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese have been cast better? You bet your Aussie ass. But all in all this was a good bit of summer fun. Cool to read that you saw this with your dad.

    Happy belated b-day too.

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    • ” You bet your Aussie ass.”

      HAHA!!! This gave me a good fuckin chuckle man hahaha ahhh. Good stuff.

      And yeah, I agree with you on all counts. Thanks for the kind words too.

      And yeah, I’m gonna make my ratings out of six now, I got my lil’ sister to make images of 1-6 beers sitting in a six pack holder. I think it looks alright, you’ll have to let me know in my next post ;D

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      • oh NICE! Kickass dude, yeah I’ll def want to see those. πŸ˜€


    • Thanks! πŸ™‚ Its not perfect by any stretch but its good for a Friday night movie with a beer πŸ˜‰ My dad actually prefers this to Fury Road!


  5. The highlight for me was Emilia Clarke in that black bra. I’m not even joking. But I enjoy your review. The truth is without a complete reboot this was a decent idea of how to continue and explain away Arnie’s ageing. It lacks the grit and realness of the original and suffers from referencing so many scenes from that film to begin with. I don’t like hating Jai Courtney but the fact is he’s pretty poor here as is Clarke. Arnold as the Terminator referencing ageing got a reaction out of me which is less a reflection of the quality of that scene and more than his star power remains. There is an audience aren’t there hungry to see him rise again with a lot of good will despite possibly being the worst husband in the history of the world in his private life. Jason Clarke is a great actor who’s twist was terribly given away in the film’s marketing and given nothing further to do as the film goes on. Bottom line, there are some interesting ideas here but it remains a mess. Promises of sequels explaining away weak plot lines is particularly goading. In short Terminator Genie Shit is a symptom of everything that is wrong with Hollywood today. Remakes and reboots for long dormant franchises setting up sequels that should never be greenlit and lacking any of the realness or uniqueness that made us fall in love with the original……….well you know in just my humble opinion. Having said all of that, I’m really pleased you and your Dad enjoyed going to see it. A night out with your Dad over a shared love – who can’t beat that. I’d rather you both had enjoyed it then have both been bummed and disappointed over it so it all worked out well in the end. πŸ™‚


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