First off, I’d like to show my gratitude to those taking part in this. It feels like we are building a real tribute to the great man and we already have some corkers written.

Also, Eric at The IPC is apparently writing a song for my band to record. I am look forward to that, tho unfortunately I don’t think we’ll get it done by the 23rd, but stay tuned for a heavy metal/hardcore punk tribute to Hoffman!!

Only you guys can help me do that.

So, anyone who is reading, don’t be shy, if you wanna join in write a quick post about PSH. It can be a tribute, a focus on one of the characters he has played, a top ten list, anything you like!! You can choose the post it on your own site, or email me a word doco that I can post on my site. Either way, the more the merrier, and spread the word! We still have ten days left until Hoffman’s birthday, the 23rd of this month, so you still have plenty of time to whip something up.

So come and join the fun!! Lets make this tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman a great one! If interested, reply in the comments section ๐Ÿ™‚