I love Viggo, and I love Oscar Isaac. Amazing actors. But Philip Seymour Hoffman will always be my favourite. From acting over-polite (Big Lebowski) to charismatic (The Master, Capote) and everything in between, he could do it all. His death was a sad loss, but there are a ton of films that he left behind for us to enjoy, and he rarely disappoints, even if the films do.

So, this blogathon is pretty straight forward. Pick a movie, doesn’t matter what one, where you feel Hoffman played a great character. It is hard to fail on that one, so go nuts! I don’t care if people double up – hell the reason I am doing this is cause I’d love to read a bunch of different perspectives about the man. So just pick one film and tell us why Hoffman was so awesome! The movie can SUCK, and feel free to point that out and why. I haven’t seen him turn in a bad performance, all the way up to his last movie, A Most Wanted Man, but I could be wrong!

The first birthday of this site (time flies eh?) is on July 15 so that is the arbitrary date I am setting for this to finish. On that day I’ll post all the links to everyone’s posts while also briefly commenting on each. So any day before the 15th of next month, make a post about PSH’s role in any movie on your site – it doesn’t have to be a lead role – and let me know, either by a comment down the bottom here or by letting me know on twitter – @epileptimaniak

I hope to gather as many people as I can onto this, as I’d love to read a bunch of posts about my all-time favourite actor! All I ask is that you use the image above in your posts, linking back to this site here. Or this page, either or, I’m not fussed. I look forward to July 15!

Peace to you all! Enjoy the rest of your week!