I cannot sleep

can barely eat

mind being sucked dry by a leech

this cloud of dread follows me

never ceasing; I’m never free

all I want is some fucking sleep


Life may be tough

My path may be twisted

But I don’t want out

I want to have existed


Yet my own bed is terrifying

Listening to my mind is horrifying

Sleep is a battle, a disgusting pest

I hope practice makes perfect

So I can finally get some rest.


  1. Is this something you wrote – or something you’re a fan of from someone else? Do you really have problems sleeping?

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    • Yeah I just wrote it now, I’ve been awake for 2 and half days. It gets old. I usually just stay up till I can’t keep my eyes open so when I hit the bed I go straight to sleep and don’t have to listen to my brain. I literally avoid going to bed


      • Epilepsy I guess. I can’t turn off my brain, so much is going on all the time that it is literally a phobia to go to bed. I hate lying down and being stuck with nothing but my head. Music or a cartoon in the background helps but I still end up getting lost in my head and basically just thinking too much to be able to sleep


      • How much soda or coffee (or other caffeinated drink) do you drink a day?


      • I walk the dog every day, practice drums like a demon most days. I’ve tried everything man, the epilepsy just makes my brain wizz around like a fucking thunderstorm. On one hand I get more stuff done if I’m not sleeping, but I obviously can’t really get work if I can’t predict when I’ll be awake and when I’ll be tired.


      • If you lay in bed and read it should help focus your thoughts, so they aren’t running out of control – and eventually tire your eyes so you become sleepy.

        Walk 4-5 miles a day; do some writing on your book for 6-8 hours a day; read in bed…

        This should help.

        I will write for 12 hours a day on my screenplays when I am working on one. I have a hard time getting to sleep, as well; writing and working out helps wear me out.

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      • writing and exercising is all I do cos I don’t work at the moment… I try reading before going to bed, it tires my eyes out but not my mind. I’m kinda used to it, though it is a lot better than it used to be


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