Shout out to Vinnie, from what I can gather this is a community type award, and can I just say, I’m glad to be a part of it! I never thought that blogging about movies and writing stories could actually connect me with so many like-minded, super-friendly people. Its great!

To anyone who has read one of my posts and enjoyed it – thanks. An even bigger thanks to those who have left comments here… At first, back in july last year, I was sure I’d be blogging to myself, just a simple online archive so I could stop losing all my writing… then suddenly I saw a comment on a post. Then another! And while this blog is young and far from popular, I am amazed that, somehow, people have found it and have enjoyed my writing. Again, I can’t thank you guys enough who comment kindly on my writing. It means a lot to a fella who doesn’t have the most self-confidence.

Funnily enough, my dashboard says the search terms that lead people to this site is constantly “(new film out) torrent”. Haha! Go pay for the movie you cheap pirates!!! Anywho, enough with that, I’ve got eleven questions to answer!

1)   Do you prefer watching films in the cinema or at home?

This is a tough one for me. On one hand, nothing can beat the cinematic experience, obviously because of the giant screen, but also because you’re almost forced to watch it in one sitting. No pausing it for a bong or a smoke, you have this special feeling that you can’t leave lest you miss something important. But on the flipside, I like watching flicks at home as my ADD-like symptoms are often cured by watching films in two parts, with a short ‘intermission’ you could say. I’d rather not do this, but especially for longer films, unless it is something like The Good and The Bad and is utterly gripping, I find my thoughts wandering and begin to miss chunks of the film unintentionally. Epilepsy – it can be a bit of a bitch! Though there is something about the big screen that means this doesn’t happen when I go to the cinemas. The experience is immersive no matter the movie. But if I had to pick only one, it would be watching at home.

Being able to take a pee-break without missing anything from the movie, not to mention the ability to smoke while watching, are definite positives. I have also invested a decent amount of cash into my digital surround sound set-up and television (dedicated to film, I don’t have a TV aerial), which in my humble opinion sounds better than a cinema does. Perhaps that is because the speakers are closer to me, but nothing can beat a good movie – lights off, subwoofer turned allllll the way up making the wooden floorboards of my house vibrate with the action, and my American Pitbull Brutus curled up next to me.

2)   Do you have any tattoos?

One. It is on my wrist, I drew it myself while in the midst of a bi-polar manic episode (not sleeping for ten days at a time, totally delusional, non-stop talking – that kinda thing). So I wasn’t drunk, but I might as well have been as when I am in that state, when any person with bi-polar is in that state of mania, or its slightly lesser cousin hypomania, one’s ability to make sensible judgements flies out the window. Every idea suddenly feels like it is gold and you feel like Superman. Until you crash, of course. I obviously got this tattoo before I crashed.

An interesting thing about this tattoo is three years after I got it, I figured out the meaning to it. Subconsciously I must have had that meaning my head when I drew it! I have been told it looks ‘Egyptian-like’, which is cool as I drew it, and the best thing is I know that no other person has this tattoo. It is my creation and mine alone:


3)   What is your favourite sport?

Basketball, no doubt. It was the one sport that I really excelled at… until my back, knees and essentially half my body decided to take on the characteristics of someone in their fifties. I had to stop playing at 17, but I still LOVE the game, the strategy behind it, and I religiously follow the Chicago Bulls. How could I not? My name is Jordan, and get this, my dad’s name is Michael! 😛

Second to basketball I love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling and MMA, though since the UFC essentially has a monopoly over the sport, I have lost interest. But having dabbled in BJJ myself, again I love watching these mental chess matches, especially the annual Abu Dhabi BJJ events. Again, I know from my own experiences in the sport what they are doing, what strategies they are using etc. That ‘inside info’ is great when watching a sport, as it makes it much more fascinating.

4)   Who is your man crush or woman crush?

Scarlett Johansson. Not only is she one of the sexiest woman alive, her acting and choice of roles continues to impress me. Under The Skin – need I say any more?

5)   How good are you at keeping secrets?

My friends know that I despise gossip. Not once do I repeat the words someone has told me unless specifically asked to. Why? ‘Cos that is how I’d like to be treated in that situation. Simple.

6)   What movie do you love that everyone else seems to hate?

Great question. Perhaps Venus In Fur, which I loved but it didn’t seem to go down well with fans. But hate? I’m not sure, I don’t really know what movies are hated! I love the ‘Vampire Killers‘, another Polanski flick which seems polarising. Is Con Air hated? Cos I love that one too. I guess I’m not really in the know as to what movies are truly despised! Hmmmm…. I’ve got it! Bret Easton Ellis’ last venture into film wasn’t popular at all, but I still thought The Canyon was a fun film; its flaws making it even more fun. Lindsay Lohan and a porn-star in a (semi) serious movie? Bring it on!

7)   What do you enjoy the most about blogging?

I love to write. It has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Nothing more to it than that!

8)   What is your star sign?


9)   How many languages can you speak?

One, English obviously, though I am soon going to learn french after seeing so many great French films at the recent French Film Fest that came to Oz last and this month.

10) What is your most valuable belonging?

My dog and my digital amplifier. In that order, my dog is my son, my sound system and television my nephews.

11) Describe yourself in five words.

Eccentric, epileptic, chilled, friendly, insane!

So now I gotta come up with 11 questions do I? I’ll make that a near-future post, as after answering these questions my mind is blank! Stay tuned.