Bite Sized Reviews: Unbroken; Chopper; Romper Stomper; Shame

Once again I join forces with Tom of Digital Shortbread, with his new Bite Sized Review format being changed a little – 400 words maximum! This is good for me I am always looking to write more efficiently, and this was the perfect chance to hone those skills. Not only that but it is yet another chance for me to be all absurdly patriotic and present not one but two Aussie films, one a genuine classic.

400 words is not much, and many paragraphs were deleted. I’ll probably be posting full reviews of the two Aussie movies when I get around to it, but if you can’t be fucked reading a long arse review of mine then follow the link to my good bud Tom’s site. Thanks again mate, as I said, the 400 word-limit thing is a nice challenge that I like.