I stare endlessly, restfully

up through the blue of the sky

Wondering, pondering, deciding,

Today, which disguise shall be mine?

As I know not my own self,

nor the world my eyes bring to shine.

My existence is a balancing act,

all I can do is to try and act kind

If you needed to know, is this real?

My thoughts would be useless,

my response, you would not feel,

Nor would it mean anything to reality itself,

Purely my musings,

from my own private film reel

So I therefore must face my selves,

Read every book upon the shelves

Lest I fall into an existence of Hell,

Into a Fairy World

filled with gnomes and elves.

A world where my want does not belong,

everyday I remind myself to stay strong.

So I am able to navigate each second,

no matter how it lingers, no matter how long,

So for as long as my Will is mine to hold

I will never be gone

I will never say goodbye

My life is mine to control