GONE GIRL [2014]

173646H1Directed by David Fincher, Written by Gillian Flynn (screenplay, novel)

I didn’t know anything but the basic plot of this one, and it is a pretty basic plot, but hell it is deftly handled. The entire movie keeps you guessing and takes turns you don’t expect, while also leaving subtle clues that may come to light later, or perhaps it is just a red herring, there to throw you off? You will find yourself guessing for the entire movie. It is sick, twisted in all the right ways, and all the characters and acting were great. It’s like a combination of Fincher’s best stuff: dark comedy, suspense, police work, etc etc

I never much liked Affleck but he nails the clumsy, ‘is he guilty is he not character’ to a tee. The movie was filled with tension and it doesn’t let up as he doesn’t give us a look into the truth. This felt like a pretty long movie, but it was crammed with a great story and so much tension that is sure to get couples talking, and the running time wasn’t a problem as all. It is also darkly hilarious at points, there were much more than a few laughs in the cinema I was in. But this is far from a comedy, it is one of the best ‘suspense’ type of movies that I have ever seen. But you will find yourself laughing at some of the comments made on modern relationships, and marriages in particular.

Another notable aspect to the movie were the subtle but well shot visuals, but more noteworthy: the soundtrack. It pulsated with the movie; and the tension in the sound during scenes, as if something drastic was ready to occur, excelled in propelling the movie in an atmospheric sense.

Another aspect that was particularly well done was the accurate portrayal of the media and their obsession with blood-lust and filthy, juicy stories; not to mention that same blood-lust of fat, lazy folk who drink and watch TV every day of their lives. It is a sad way to live, but it is all too common, and this movie is a perfect example of newscasters, anyone at all really, wanting a piece of Affleck’s character, wanting just a slice of controversy.

This film didn’t preach this message at all, but it was an obvious theme, because it is what us western societies do. This movie? It could be any given day. This is what we feed on, this sickly appealing suffering. It also seems to be the opiate of the masses, sadly, as this movie aptly demonstrates with the character of a bewildered Nick Dunne, as suddenly, every person looks at him with questioning eyes. No answer he can give is right. Everything he says or does can be taken as him being a guilty man, wich raises valid questions about the poliece and justice system. Is psychology too much an aspect in detective work? If a devastated man’s reactions happen to match a guilty profile, that is a reason for suspicion? If this is true then this story could very well happen to any person.

This film also asks the question: are we truly innocent until proven guilty?  I would posit that with the media the way it is, that notion is impossible in the society we now inhabit. Not only within the justice system, but we again see Fincher’s accurate and detailed portrayal of police officers, which is subtle but intriguing, as each character, mostly through non-vocalised acting, shows their own unique take on the situation and their own opinion on the ultimate question: is this man a murderer? There certainly is no doubt that every character in the film wants to know if this man is guilty murder, which ultimately is a sickening thing the more one thinks about it.

After the insanity of it all, the surreal month that has transpired, the ending is quite ambiguous in a way, leaving the viewer to apply his or her values to what they have,just witnessed. I am sure that some will complain, but this is not a movie that has a beginning, middle, and an ending neatly wrapped up like a Christmas present. Expect to have a conversation or three with whoever you choose to see this with.

An almost perfect film. I would say it was Fincher’s best if I wasn’t so obsessed with Fight Club.

4.5/5 – So, so close to epileptic, eclectic, fantastically perfect.

5 Comments on “GONE GIRL [2014]

  1. Close to Fight Club, eh? Cannot wait to see this on Sunday night. I know nothing about the book or conclusion. And I like that! I want to go in completely blind! Great review!

    I love suspense!


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