Under The Skin [2013]


Directed By Jonathon Glazer

This is an ‘art’ film in the truest sense. I’m still wondering if it had more dialogue than Space Odyssey.. At times it felt like a silent film! It was like a combination of everything I love about cinema.

The score was extremely unsettling, dissonant but subtle, mainly in the background, and had my body tensing up without me realising. I was still staring at the screen through the credits, hypnotised. That reaction was also a result of the camerawork – very unique, combining a documentary style (with hidden cameras, in the streets of Scotland and whatnot) with an extremely artistic, static style of shooting that reminds me a lot of Tarkovsky – several shots could be framed as a painting/photo. It was a visual experience for sure, I was frozen at several points, my eyes glued to what was on the screen.

It is very much left to interpretation, one could argue it was vague – but I think that was the intent, he wanted to make the source novel material more ambiguous and up to the viewer to decide. This movie is something else, the only thing I can think of that comes close is UPSTREAM COLOR, but only in the approach – throwing all the normal techniques of cinema out the window to create something that just sticks in your head, I’m gonna guess for about a week.

9.5/10 – unlike any film, or any piece of art, that I have ever seen. Unclassifiable and unmissable.