SMOKE AND MIRRORS/MAN WITH A THOUSAND FACES (El hombre de las mil caras) [2016]

Originally posted on Cinema Axis. As has been the case for a long time, money makes the world go around. The Man with Thousand Faces is a story about greed, corruption and consequences. One… Continue reading

DETROIT [2017]

Directed by: Kathryn Bigelow Written by: Mark Boal Starring: John Boyega, Anthony Mackie, Algee Smith, Eddie Troy,  Just a touch heavy-handed, Detroit effectively gets its rather obvious point across thanks to a sharp… Continue reading

LUCKY [2017]

Directed by: John Carroll Lynch Written by:  Logan Sparks (screenplay), Drago Sumonja (screenplay) Starring: Harry Dean Stanton, David Lynch, Ron Livingston Watching Lucky not long after Harry’s passing feels like a homage to… Continue reading


Directed by: Martin McDonagh Written by: Martin McDonagh Starring:Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell It is fantastic to see the forever dependable Frances McDormand as a lead. This instantly means the film is a must-watch.… Continue reading


Originally posted on Cinema Axis. Everyone’s favourite man of the moment stars in yet another decidedly average film. The concept was interesting, but the execution was… well, tedious. Downsizing is described as a… Continue reading

JAWBONE [2017]

Directed by: Thomas Napper Written by: Johnny Harris Starring:  Johnny Harris, Ian McShane, Ray Winstone, Michael Smiley Big thanks to Mark for turning me onto this one. You are a champ mate. Rather… Continue reading


FIRST CHAPTER —- LAST CHAPTER Today has been a strange one so far, and comparatively, that is saying something. Earlier Chris and I were smoking at the designated area as a group meeting… Continue reading

THE ROOM [2003]

How to describe a film such as this? A film where, to this day, midnight screenings are held in which we are free to drink as much as possible while hollering dialogue at… Continue reading


Directed by James Franco Written by Scott Neustadter (screenplay), Michael H. Weber (screenplay), Greg Sestero (Book) Starring James Franco, Dave Franco, Ari Graynor, Seth Rogen, Alison Brie, Paul Scheer, Zac Efron, Jacki Weaver… Continue reading

THE PARTY [2017]

Directed and Written by Sally Potter Starring: Timothy Spall , Kristin Scott Thomas, Cillian Murphy, Emily Mortimer, Patricia Clarkson, Bruno Ganz, Cherry Jones Drawing on a familiar theme, The Party benefits from its… Continue reading