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ARCTIC [2018]

Writing a synopsis of Arctic is a simple task: unsurprisingly it is about a man trying to survive in the icy, windy, almost alien world of the Arctic Circle after crashing his plane.… Continue reading


  A South Korean family of four are unemployed and need to find work to put food on the table. It is in their desperation that Bong Joon-ho’s latest film Parasite finds plenty of drama,… Continue reading


  The simple yet bizarre synopsis of Danny Boyle’s new film is deceptive in what it has to offer. Jack, a struggling musician who realises that no one has heard of The Beatles… Continue reading

Framing John DeLorean [2019]

The Back to the Future series immortalised the DeLorean, a car bearing the name of its creator and the subject of Framing John DeLorean. The man behind the car was, to put it lightly, a very… Continue reading


    Nicole Kidman seems to have actively looked for interesting roles for much of her career, from Eyes Wide Shut and Birth to roles in dark films such Boy Erased or The Killing… Continue reading

HIGH LIFE [2018]

Originally written for High Life, Clare Denis’ first journey into space and the English language filmmaking, is a sci-fi adventure unlike no other. Death row prisoners are being sent into space to… Continue reading


Unsurprisingly, Chapter 3 immediately follows the events that ended the previous film. Wick is limping and bleeding, constantly checking his watch, as is every assassin in the city – all receiving information that… Continue reading


Asghar Farhadi changes gears after his Oscar winning film, The Salesman, deftly moving from a thriller to low-key family drama/mystery with his new film, Everybody Knows. This new venture puts his talent on… Continue reading


Locally, Anthony Maras’ debut feature, Hotel Mumbai, should be considered a huge achievement for the South Australian Film Industry. Opening the Adelaide Film Festival in late 2018, it marks a high quality film… Continue reading


In Nadine Labaki’s searing new film, a righteously angry young boy, having lived in the slums of Beirut, is in a courtroom where he says matter-of-factly that he is suing his parents for… Continue reading