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Originally written for Cielo roughly translates into sky, skies or heaven in Spanish. It is an apt title for a documentary about what we see when we look up at the vastness of the universe. City dwellers will certainly be amazed by some… Continue Reading “TIFF 2018: CELIO”


After the amazing direction and writing of the original film, it was clear that a sequel would never come close to matching the tense atmosphere and the detailed characters that populated the realistic world of Sicario. However, I did not think that this could… Continue Reading “SICARIO: DAY OF THE SOLDADO [2018]”


After the above-average action and suspense of the first film, and the opening moments of this sequel, it is hard not to get one’s hopes up. Who doesn’t want to see Denzel snap necks and kill a bunch of people in often ingenious ways?… Continue Reading “THE EQUALIZER 2 [2018]”

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom [2018]

Originally written for Refreshingly, the latest entry into the Jurassic Park franchise is a fantastic continuation to the arc established in Jurassic World, though not to everyone’s taste. The tone is set from the opening scene as a two-man crew scour the dark… Continue Reading “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom [2018]”


This small Aussie gem is filled with a plethora of psychological, existential and family related questions, often answered in surprising and unexpected ways. That it does this while being funny and thrilling is an accomplishment. Terry and Jeff feel slighted. Their mother is dying,… Continue Reading “BROTHERS’ NEST [2018]”

Insect (Hymz) [2018]

This is the last film from Czech director Jan Svankmajer, and he exits the world of film in a typically weird way, much like his first feature film which was a very creepy rendition of Alice in Wonderland. Throughout his career he has made… Continue Reading “Insect (Hymz) [2018]”


Many films are labelled as horror movies currently, and it is often misleading. Many of these films are either better labelled as psychological thrillers, or they are simply gory and hard to take seriously. Hereditary is neither of these things. Sure, there are a… Continue Reading “HEREDITARY [2018]”

CARGO [2017]

Cargo is unlike any ‘zombie film’. This isn’t action packed. This isn’t gory, for the most part, and doesn’t feature zombies eating people, or even many zombies at all. 28 Days this is not. Rather, this is a film about family and friendship, and… Continue Reading “CARGO [2017]”

TULLY [2018]

Tully is a very real, heavy film that, with some unique humour, creates a unique experience. We first meet the heavily pregnant mother Marlo, an almost unrecognisable Charlize Theron, as she is quite literally brushing her son’s arms and legs. It serves as an… Continue Reading “TULLY [2018]”

DEADPOOL 2 [2018]

Much like the first film, Deadpool 2 plays with time-lines, a lover of Wade, Ryan Reynolds narrating in a semi-amusing way, the occasional break of the fourth wall. At least the latter doesn’t happen often this time around. Surprisingly though it does have some… Continue Reading “DEADPOOL 2 [2018]”


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