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Belfast’s first scene establishes the sense of community that preceded the violence the broke out in Belfast, 1969: In one immaculate long, the camera swoops through a street, following people who are shouting for a Buddy (the incredibly photogenic Jude Hill), a nine year… Continue Reading “BFF ’21: BELFAST”

BFF ’21: THE WAR BELOW [2021]

J.P. Watt’s debut feature The War Below is a creative and unique addition to the genre, depicting the ugliness of World War I trench warfare with emotion and visual grit. Working with a micro-budget of 600,000 British Pounds, using a true story based in… Continue Reading “BFF ’21: THE WAR BELOW [2021]”


Benedict Cumberbatch shines far brighter than he ever has in this strange fantastical film as he revels in his role as the titular character in Will Sharpes’ The Electrical life of Louis Wain: a real artist who made his name painting pictures of cats. Lot’s… Continue Reading “BFF ’21: THE ELECTRICAL LIFE OF LOUIS WAIN [2021]”

British Film Fest ’21: LAST NIGHT IN SOHO [2021]

Last Night In Soho is surely one of the most anticipated films of this festival, given baby’s Driver’s immense popularity and the fact it started screening in the US last month, before this festival had kicked off. The screening I was a part of… Continue Reading “British Film Fest ’21: LAST NIGHT IN SOHO [2021]”


As this film finishes, one feels that no words can justly convey the unsettling beauty this unique piece of art possesses. Directed by the late Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson, it may have been considered unfinished at the time of his death but the editing… Continue Reading “LAST AND FIRST MEN [2020]”


Quentin Dupieux has never been one to shy away from absurdity, most of his work lavishly bathing in it as if there is nothing strange to be seen. This is the attitude that the film and it’s protagonist absorb: despite the consistent weirdness, both… Continue Reading “French Film FESTIVAL: DEERSKIN (LE DAME) [2019]”

HARPOON [2019]

  Harpoon is director Rob Grant’s most conventional film of his decade-long career given his past experimental approach to film-making. Harpoon is hardly experimental and therefore much more accessible, though it retains the staunchly independent qualities that define his work. This latest effort possesses… Continue Reading “HARPOON [2019]”


Ignoring typical tropes of most documentaries, The Beastie Boys Story is refreshing in its presentation as it is delivered similar to a comedy show, being presented to a live audience. Michael “Mike D” Diamond and Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz, the remaining members after the passing… Continue Reading “BEASTIE BOYS STORY [2020]”


Originally written as a bite-sized review for THOMAS J: My Journey Through Film, aka If you haven’t seen Chopper, watch it. A movie that will forever linger in your brain, it is also perhaps the quintessential Aussie film, a preservation of the ‘occa’… Continue Reading “AUSSIE CLASSICS: CHOPPER [2000]”


Original review written for Not unlike Pasolini’s ‘The 120 Days of Sodom’, The Painted Bird film will be known by some as ‘that three hour child torture movie’, ‘child torture porn’, or a similar, basic summary along these lines. I hope I am… Continue Reading “THE PAINTED BIRD [2019]”


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