I didn’t like this movie as much as sati would have liked, which prompted me to watch a few older X-men films, which I enjoyed surprisingly, and then this one again. Several times actually, as I was ignorant to the incredible dialogue, Jackman’s incredible performance, not to to mention most importantly I now understood the emotion behind the conversations. Suddenly every scene hit hard as I knew about Wolverine’s cinematic journey.

“…There is perhaps not enough action, especially given the R rating, but this does has the effect of pulling you in when any sense of dread filters in. The lack of any emotional impact though weighs this down considerably. At times meditative, other times ultra-violent, this is a unique but ultimately flawed, underwhelming entry into the genre.”

Very wrong when it comes to emotional impact as I said, and this has plenty of violence. I think that my distaste for superhero films affected my judgement. After several watches, I fell in love.

“It maintains its gritty attitude, but this doesn’t mean much when most significant events barely register with the viewer. There are many conversations about mortality and death, but none are memorable or poignant.”

Again, the first point may be valid but again this is so wrong now that I care about the characters. There are so many poignant moments, especially from Patrick Stewart, often at the end of a scene. The most memorable line comes when Logan leaves Charles in the tank he has been locked in. It is powerful moment.

“What follows is a somewhat standard narrative about the group on the run, being chased by bad guys. It does have a few cards up its sleeve to keep you guessing, and there are some satisfying set-pieces…

“…But given this is all by far the most interesting narrative to accompany a film of this genre, its transparent nature is disappointing…”

Yes and no. I not don’t think the narrative is standard at all, considering the seizure Charles has in a hotel, and the pleasant scene of the three having dinner and staying the night with a family they helped earlier. It provides relief from the depressing nature of the film, and is the only time where Charles feels comfortable. It is also the only time we see Hugh smile, if only for a split second. This of course leads into the incredibly memorable scene where Logan deals with land owners harassing his guest. The way he snatches the shotgun and snaps it clean in half on in his thigh/knee is something to behold.

We then meet X-24. Wolverine on steroids. The battle between the two is impressive and ends in a bloody way. Why don’t Marvel make more films like this??

Additionally, we never know if Eden is real. When we find out that it is , another spanner is thrown into the works. A standard narrative? What was I thinking?! Logan is hauled up to the high ground, another moment showing his increasing weakness. We meet many young mutants, again throwing the story into another gear as they try to escape the clutches of the military during the climax of the film.

“As good as that sounds, a man driving his claws through faceless soldiers can get old. Quickly.”

Just… no. It is amazing to watch, especially the battle between the two Wolverines and the violence during seizure Charles has.

This is an incredible film, and I am glad that I was told told to check out previous films to learn about the characters. I am glad I did, as this film is incredible. The looks, the acting, the soundtrack, it is all perfect. I originally gave this 4/6. I feel forced to give it a full sixer now as I can’t think of anything wrong with it. It is a take of the Western genre somewhat, as well as a chase that twists and turns. The mute young mutant that they are carrying around adds more character, a trait not limited to any actor.

My opinion has changed drastically. This is easily worth a full sixer.