The Alliance Française French Film Festival: 2016


One of my favourite times of the year, we are treated to a huge list of French films, spanning across a range of genres. I have already seen Dheepan and Lolo, and tonight I hope to catch White Knights, a story about a fictional charity program for young orphans that straddles the line between charity and child smuggling.

As for the rest of my next fortnight, I’d LOVE to hear any suggestions!

I’m horrible when it comes to names, so if you can be bothered, click here to see a full list of the films playing. See an actor or director that you think I’d like? Let me know! I am sure there are some prominent French directors with films playing this year, hopefully anyone reading this can help me out. There is a LOT to pick from!

I hope you are all enjoying your week so far 🙂