I never expected to meet so many cool people when I started this blog. I also never expected to read so many fantastic posts, there really is a ton of talent just within the blogs I get time to check out, which isn’t nearly enough as I’d like.

SO, here begins my ‘series’ with links to posts I have enjoyed recently… Or perhaps not so recently.

Cheers to all the fine people who stop by my little corner of the interwebz. Let us all enjoy our obsession with movies together! ๐Ÿ˜€

An older post, Veronika’s thoughts about the Danish Girl were informative and very thorough… she has a knack for making me think

Mark from Three Rows Back wrote an excellent piece about The Temptation of Christ that had me kicking myself for missing the movie when it was on special earlier that day

One of my best bud’s in our little community is Emma, who reviewed the FANTASTIC film, The Witch. Go see it now!

Ruth’s breakdown of Jessica Jones was extremely well-done, and itself a reason for me to check out this series, even though I’m not a fan of superheroes

ย Mark has written about Far From Heaven, introducing me to Todd Haynes for the first time

Tom is writing about roles played by Paul Giamatti, and the second post of that series focuses on his fantastic work in Love and Mercy

I was also going to list a post by Stu of Popcorn Nights but it seems his domain is now offline. Hopefully we will hear from him shortly!

  • EDIT – Stu’s site has shifted to a new domain name. Click here for his thoughts on the Coens’ latest, Hail, Caesar!

I hope you all have had a great weekend; here is Brutus to say goodbye