Capote [2005]

Another late entry into the PSH blogathon, one from the lovely Emma AKA MmmmKay. Thanks for taking part Em! 🙂

emmakwall (explains it all)

That big ball of fluffy awesomeness Jordan is running a Philip Seymour Hoffman blogathon over at his site Epileptic Moondancer. As such – here is a review of my favourite Hoffman film


(by the way I’m a complete twat and missed the deadline, sorry Jordy!)

I’m sure I won’t be the only person who chooses to review Capote so I won’t drone on for too long about the plot. Basically it’s a biopic about the sensational writer Truman Capote. The film focuses specifically on Truman’s masterpiece In Cold Blood (1965) and much of the film is set in Holcomb, Kansas where he went (with friend Harper Lee) to investigate the aftermath of a hideous family murder. Truman was initially just supposed to write a newspaper article but soon realised there was a much bigger story involved and decided to write the world’s first ever “non-fiction novel” – In Cold Blood, which was

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