My great blogging friend Vinnie (go check out his site if you haven’t already) has nominated me for another award, this time the ‘Versatile Blogger’ award. These awards remind me how I have constantly been meeting people who also love to write about film, and whatever else, since I started this blog. Of all those folk, Vinnie is probably the dude who I have had the most correspondence with. At least in comments sections! I just get a sense that, if this guy were to come to Adelaide for some strange reason, I’d have him staying at my house to show him round. Such is the great community within the ‘blogosphere’, almost every person you meet is nice, complimenting, honest and best of all, often not too dissimilar from myself. Having always felt like a weirdo and not having many friends at all in real life, meeting and chatting to peeps like this online is great for things like my self-esteem as I meet more and more really cool people, some located down under themselves!

As Eric correctly alluded to himself in this post over at IPC, these awards seem to run around in circles within the blogosphere, and while I love the intention behind them, I’m gonna change it up a bit and take the ‘award’ that he created and will nominate a few blogs that can choose to participate if they wish. Much like this award, it will involve answering a few questions, but they will be from my twisted mind. Muahaha!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank anyone who has ever read one of my posts or commented on this site. I hope you find my ramblings somewhat interesting, and I appreciate each and every comment. I honestly thought no one would ever read my bullcrap when I first created this. I look at the date and its a few months from my first year anniversary for this site, and I was never expecting people to actually read my stuff. And comment kindly on them! Its kinda cheesy but its an awesome feeling, even if only one or two people read a post and leave a comment, I love reading and responding to each and every one.

Okay, enough of the blabbering….

Before I get to the blogs and questions, this is my list of ten facts about myself. First, a picture to accompany fact #1.




  1. I have a five year-old American Pitbull named Brutus. He is like a son. As you can see above, he is teh awesome
  2. I drink way too much bourbon when I write. That or cigarettes. Or energy drinks.
  3. I have only left my home state of South Australia four times, and have never travelled abroad. I plan to rectify this as soon as I can afford it!
  4. I play drums in an aspiring old school hardcore punk/death metal band. We are currently preparing to record our debut EP in my ‘jam room’/recording studio that is a normal room covered in carpet
  5. I support the Chicago Bulls religiously, to the point of swearing at the screen in frustration
  6. There are more movie posters in my house than I can count
  7. I have watched 2001: A Space Odyssey at least 50 times, if not a hundred times
  8. The first film that ever made me laugh was BASEketball. I was 12 when I first saw it and I almost died from laughter
  9. I am nearly four years sober from a 7-plus year addiction to painkillers. Check outThe Archway Chroniclesto read my insane experience in rehab, it was quite the ride!
  10. I have recently completed a Youth Work diploma and will soon be doing work placement at some sort of youth centre. I can’t wait to help young folk who are struggling like I was many years ago

Last time I did this I totally forgot to list other blogs, but not this time. In no particular order, the ten recipients of the Award of Awesomeness:


And now the questions!

1 – Was is the most bizarre thing that has ever happened to you?

2 – What is the one movie you would take with you to a desert island? Not necessarily your favourite movie, one that you can watch an infinite amount of times

3 – Do you or have you ever played a sport?

4 – What is your favourite genre of music?

5 – What was the most irritating cinema experience you can remember?

6 – What movie really gets to you whenever you watch it?

7 – What is your dream job?

8 – What is the first funny scene from a movie that comes into your mind as you read this right now?

9 – List a memory that makes you chuckle just thinking about it

10 – What is your dream movie? Pick a director (and writer if you want) and starring actors, and write a blurb for the movie you would make if you could!

… And I can’t think of any more. But congratulations to those listed, and if you feel like it, nominate a few blogs yourself and answer my questions! If you do though, you need to think of at least five questions yourself. Ah haaa, yes, that is how this shall work. Feel free to not take part if you can’t be bothered πŸ™‚

Everyone have a nice day!! You all rule!