Month: March 2015

Bite Sized Reviews: Unbroken; Chopper; Romper Stomper; Shame

Once again I join forces with Tom of Digital Shortbread, with his new Bite Sized Review format being changed a little – 400 words maximum! This is good for me I am always looking to write more efficiently, and this was the perfect chance… Continue Reading “Bite Sized Reviews: Unbroken; Chopper; Romper Stomper; Shame”

AFFF: DIPLOMACY (Diplomatie) [2014]

Directed By Volker Schlöndorff, Written by Cyril Gely (play), Cyril Gely (adaptation) Starring: André Dussollier, Niels Arestrup, This film made for a very interesting modern double to follow the classic french war film Le Grande Illusion, which I saw mere hours before watching this.… Continue Reading “AFFF: DIPLOMACY (Diplomatie) [2014]”


Okay so when I wrote about Inside Llweyn Davis two weeks ago, I was intending to continue my analysis of the music within the film and OST. However, as I tried to write new insights, I realised that I have covered everything musical about… Continue Reading “MONDAY @ THE MUSIC: – INHERENT VICE OST”


Directed and Written by Billy Bob Thornton Starring: Billy Bob Thornton, Dwight Yoakam, J.T. Walsh, John Ritter After becoming thoroughly obsessed with the Fargo series last year (this coming from a guy who doesn’t watch television at all mind you) I also became obsessed… Continue Reading “REWOUND! – SLING BLADE [1996]”


  I opened my eyes. How long had I been sleeping? Had I even been sleeping? I searched the depths of my memory and eventually was certain that there were no remnants of lying down to try to sleep the night previous. As my… Continue Reading “THE ROOM WITHOUT A DOOR (PART I)”

BLINDSIDED @ FRENCH FILM FEST: La Grande Illusione [1937]

What an odd yet compelling day! When I arrived to this one-off screening, I was greeted in French by a young lady who showed me to the lounge area, where a selection of French wine was waiting. Having not touched wine since I was… Continue Reading “BLINDSIDED @ FRENCH FILM FEST: La Grande Illusione [1937]”

My personal ‘Best Picture’ of 2014

I have never liked the Oscars. I didn’t pay much attention but I do know Birdman received a lot of praise, and it was mostly well deserved. But of all the movies made last year, and there was a stack of great ones (many… Continue Reading “My personal ‘Best Picture’ of 2014”


If by dumb luck this somehow gets published, in any form other than on a blog, I have written an ‘Author’s note’, or something like that. An epilogue? Hell, I don’t know, but basically, in an extremely compact nutshell, I’d just like to say:… Continue Reading “THE ARCHWAY CHRONICLES: CHAPTER II”

AFFF: FAR FROM MEN (Loin des Hommes) [2014]

Directed and Written by David Oelhoffen (adapted screenplay), Written by Albert Camus (short story) Starring: Viggo Mortensen, Reda Kateb A French production about the Algerian War of Independence. Viggo Mortensen. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis handling the OST. That was easily enough to hook… Continue Reading “AFFF: FAR FROM MEN (Loin des Hommes) [2014]”


I feel I must preface this piece by separating this record from most other soundtracks. There is no classical music to be found here, nor are there many pre-existing songs. No, thanks to the immense talent drafted by the Coens, this is an album… Continue Reading “MONDAY @ THE MUSIC: INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS OST”


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